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Universal garbage collection proposed to mitigate illegal dumping on Guam

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Sabina Flores Perez has introduced a bill mandating universal garbage collection, which would require all Guam households to subscribe to the Guam Solid Waste Authority’s trash pickup service.

Bill 165-37 would also establish a customer assistance program to subsidize the cost of trash pickup service for consumers who require financial assistance.

“If all residents subscribe to GSWA garbage collection services, that the economies of scale with result in lower rates per subscriber and simultaneously ensure that every resident’s garbage will be collected and properly disposed of,” the bill states.

“The implementation of universal garbage collection would greatly mitigate the financial and logistical challenges posed by ‘piggybacking’ and illegal dumping. Universal garbage collection services for Guam would also parallel the initiatives of other domestic and international jurisdictions that have instituted mandatory garbage collection services.”


The bill is co-sponsored by Speaker Therese Terlaje and Sens. Chris Barnett, Dwayne San Nicolas and Joe S. San Agustin.

According to a press release from her office, Perez has collaborated with GSWA to ensure that the bill meaningfully achieves its objectives in implementing universal garbage collection.

“Through universal garbage collection, our island community is provided with a sustainable program for proper waste disposal services,” Perez said. “Such a program would join initiatives around the world incentivized to both responsibly manage municipal waste and prevent illegal dumping.”

Secondly, the bill looks to streamline the subscription process for our island community through interagency coordination between GSWA and the Guam Waterworks Authority.


Thirdly, the bill looks to establish provisions that allow interagency coordination between GSWA and DRT concerning outstanding payments for the purposes of maintaining universal garbage collection.

Bill 165-37’s objectives are enhanced by GSWA’s efforts to improve garbage collection operations.

GSWA is awaiting the delivery of an additional six trash collection vehicles over the span of the next two months, including three diesel trucks and three electric trucks.

The recent hiring of in-house mechanics to service the incoming trucks, as well as the existing eight trucks in its current fleet, ensures GSWA’s capacity to fulfill the mandates of this program.

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