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  • By Pacifc Island Times News Staff

United uses new cleaning measure at 35 airports, including Guam, to disinfect ticketing lobbies

This electrostatic spraying system is similar to the electrostatic spraying technology used onboard aircraft and will be used to spray all United areas and surfaces at the airport terminal, employee spaces, the United Hangar and the Guam ticket office.

The disinfecting solution is EPA-approved to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Through its United CleanPlus program, United has been working closely with Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic since early May to consult on all its cleaning and disinfection protocols. The airline currently uses Clorox Disinfection Wipes on all mainline aircraft and in United Club locations.

“At the beginning of this pandemic, we laid out our United CleanPlus commitment of putting health and safety at the forefront of the travel experience,” said Mike Hanna, senior vice president of airport operations at United. “In teaming up with Clorox, we’ve worked with their experts to enhance our cleaning procedures and roll out state-of-the-art products throughout the United journey to give our greater customers confidence when they travel. This is just one of many steps we are taking as part of our layered approach to safety.”

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked with United to help enhance the safety of their travelers with disinfecting protocols and products, as part of United’s holistic approach to traveler safety,” said Heath Rigsby, vice president of out of home for The Clorox Company. “We’re proud to extend these efforts to help passengers even before boarding their planes by using our Total 360 System to disinfect surfaces within busy airport settings.”

The Clorox® Total 360® System charges and atomizes the Clorox disinfecting solutions to deliver a powerful flow of charged particles that attract to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity. This allows the product to reach and uniformly coat germ-prone surfaces, including areas that conventional trigger sprays may easily miss. United implemented its Guam program on Dec. 1 and expects all 35 airports will be using the systems daily by early December and plans to expand to additional airports in early 2021. Sam Shinohara, managing director of airport operations for Asia/Pacific at United, added, “Implementing this program in Guam is another measure United is taking to support the island’s fight against COVID-19. We are proud to be one of 35 airports in our system to be offering this added layer of protection for our customers, employees, and visitor industry partners. Keeping everyone safe and feeling confident throughout their United journey and Guam travel experience is our top priority.”

Using Clorox products is only one of the ways United is working to enhance customer safety in its airports. The carrier is also providing antimicrobial gloves to ramp and baggage service employees to offer an additional protection layer against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. Every ramp and baggage service employee will receive a pair of washable, reusable gloves that are effective for up to six months.

Additional measures United has taken since the start of the pandemic to create a safer environment in its airports. In April, United began installing hand sanitizer stations throughout terminals and plexiglass dividers at service areas. The airline also started placing signage around the airports to inform customers of safety measures that are in place.

United was the first U.S. carrier to introduce touchless check-in kiosks that allow customers to check-in, including if they are checking bags, without touching anything besides their own mobile device in May.

In June, United became the first U.S. airline to require customers to take a health self-assessment during the check-in process.

United has since expanded its policy requiring all customers wear masks onboard to in its terminals and stated that customers who refused to comply with this policy may be placed on an internal travel restriction list while the policy is in place.

United began automated text notifications to customers waiting on seat assignments, reducing touchpoints between customers and employees.

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