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United asked to reconsider no-pet policy for Guam's civilian passengers

Updated: May 31


By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Guam Del. James Moylan asked United Airlines to give Guam’s civilian pet owners the same treatment afforded to military personnel.


While United has a policy against allowing Guam’s outbound and inbound passengers to travel with pets, exemptions are made for  U.S. military personnel traveling to Guam.

Due to United's no-pet policy and limited travel options, some residents who are relocating to the mainland are forced to either leave their pets behind or fork out thousands of dollars for charter flights.


"When it comes to a bond between individuals and their pets, there is no

 distinction in whether they wear a uniform or not, and while I completely support allowing our soldiers to travel with their pets, it would only be appropriate that the people of Guam be provided equal treatment,” Moylan said in a letter to John Scott Kirby, United's CEO and president.

The Guam delegate also noted that United allows passengers within the 50 contiguous states to travel with pets, making him "wonder why Guam, which is a U.S. territory is excluded from this policy."

While acknowledging that United may implement is own business policy, Moylan expressed hope that the carrier would reconsider its restrictions on Guam's civilian passengers.


“It does seem relatively unfair that everyday residents are denied the very  opportunity provided to those in the military," he said.

“In Guam, we believe in a ‘One Guam’ approach when it comes to the relationship between leadership inside and outside the military installation  fences,” Moylan added.


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