Travelling will never be the same again

2020 has been painfully life-changing for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to reset our ways, routines and lifestyle.

Regular travelers have hunkered down for most part of the year and the prolonged period staying at home has increased the desire to escape.

People are craving wide open spaces after months of suffering from cabin fever. 2021 may be the period of "make-up travel" or "revenge travel."

With the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine, people are likely to start venturing out and travelling may slowly return but travel will never be the same again. The coronavirus scare will stay for a long time.

We will have to adjust to the "new normal" such as wearing face masks, frequent hand washing, social distancing and practicing heightened personal hygiene.

Expect stricter requirements especially in airports and other points of arrival and departure. Wearing face masks the whole time, the prospect of having to undergo Covid-19 testing, vaccination, filling up health forms, the possibility of quarantine and the overall scare of contacting the virus is real and will stay for longer than we think.

Here are some ways Covid-19 is changing the way we travel.