Terlaje demands public access to information on archeological finds

Updated: Oct 13

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Diggings on defense project sites at the future site of Marines Corps base have yielded archeological discoveries that are not made known to the public, according to Speaker Therese Terlaje.

“The CHamoru people should have the opportunity to know what has been discovered, especially in significant areas within or adjacent to ancient villages," Terlaje said.

The speaker also said the Joint Region Marianas made no promise to increase preservation-in-place or avoidance for archeological sites that are discovered.

"The details of these discoveries are not something they should only learn about years from now through archaeological interpretations or formal reports. It is for them whose heritage it is, to know what is found and when human remains are disturbed, and to decide the significance of the area in our history," she added.

Therese Terlaje