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Surangel Supercenter with Toyota dealership opens its doors

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Koror--The Surangel Supercenter, the location of the official Toyota dealership for Palau, celebrated its grand opening on Sept. 5 in Airai and is ready to serve.

Home to Ksau’s Motors, the Surangel Supercenter retails Toyota models such as the Hilux pickup truck. The new Toyota showroom is designed to display up to four vehicles and offers a vehicle delivery suite for customers receiving their newly purchased car.

There are over 120,000 square feet of retail space with 345,000 square feet of warehouse space on the center’s site.

Surangel and Sons Co. partnered with Atkins Kroll Inc., Guam’s Toyota distributor, in November 2021.


Present at the grand opening were Alex Hammett, Inchcape managing director for Asia developing markets; Tom Mazzei, Atkins Kroll director of sales; and Ernie Galito, Atkins Kroll business development director.

Takenao Sato from Toyota Tsusho Corporation was also in attendance. On behalf of the Toyota Tsusho Corp., Sato congratulates the Whipps family on their 25-year journey to open the largest retail center in Micronesia.

“We at Atkins Kroll are extremely excited that the highly anticipated Surangel Supercenter has opened its doors. We congratulate the Whipps family and all of Palau on this huge achievement and we are grateful for the expansion of Toyota that our partnership with Surangel and Sons has brought to fruition," Hammet said.


"It is our hope that customers experience the very best that Toyota has to offer in our new showroom and service department. This is history in the making and it is a true honor to witness and take part in it,” Hammett added.

Airai residents can now enjoy many Surangel and Sons businesses located in Koror. The supercenter is a full-service department store offering a grocery store, hardware store, furniture store, beauty salon, travel agency, surf shop and food court, among others. (AK)

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