Support for Mata’afa begins to trickle in as Samoa's crisis continues to mount

Updated: Jun 1

Guam senators ask US to back FAST Party leader

Fiame Naomi Mata’afa took her oath as the newly elected prime minister of Samoa May 24, 2021. Photo courtesy of TVNZ.

Editor's Note: This has been updated with comments from Guam Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero

Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes and Sen. Mary Camacho Torres, chair and vice-chair of the 36th Guam Legislature’s Committee on Regional Affairs, urged the U.S. government to recognize the Fiame Naomi Mata’afa as the newly elected prime minister of Samoa.

“Democracy cannot be denied, and we must uphold the values of a free and fair election process and the long-held democratic norms of peaceful transitions. We have seen firsthand the end result of a sitting leader refusing a peaceful transition," Muna Barnes and Torres said in a letter to U.S. officials.

Guam Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has yet to make an official position onMata’afa's position, but said she spoke to the prime minister her the other day.

“She's very much guided by the votes. Of course, Parliament voted for her to be Prime Minister. She's going through legal processes to make it happen. I think they should follow whatever their procedural parliamentary legal processes. If she’s been declared the winner, that would be the course," the governor said.