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State of emergency declared for FSM due to severe drought

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Federated States of Micronesia President Wesley W. Simina has declared a state of emergency in response to severe drought conditions affecting the nation's resources.

The president ordered the establishment of a national emergency task force, headed by the secretary of the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Emergency Management, to develop and implement immediate relief efforts and monitor vulnerable populations, especially in the outer islands.

“We are committed to taking all necessary steps to mitigate the adverse effects of this emergency and ensure the safety and well-being of all our citizens, especially the most vulnerable," Simina said.

"Unfortunately these intensified events are the realities of climate change that we know all too well, but we are a resilient people and we will get through this," he added.

Simina sought the allocation of $1.28 million into the Disaster Relief Fund to support relief efforts, and the ordered coordination with state authorities to ensure a cohesive and effective emergency response.

The emergency declaration would allow waivers for competitive bidding and import taxes for procurements related to relief efforts.

The emergency declaration has been submitted to the FSM Congress for review.


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