Senator says DOD projects threatening safety of Guam's drinking water

The Department of Defense's activities are causing the contamination of Northern Guam lens aquifer, which supplies 80 percent of the island's drinking water, according to Sen. Sabina Perez.

Guam's drinking water is threatened by irreparable harm that may result from the Department of Defense’s development of the live-fire training range complex and related projects, Perez said.

Sen. Sabina Flores Perez

“The location of bases near or on top of water sources that supply most of the island population threatens the health of the current populace, both military and civilian,” Perez said.

She cited the military's plans to fire 6.7 million rounds of ammunition each year, for an indefinite amount of time, which she said poses "a very serious threat of lead and other forms of contamination."

Perez on Wednesday introduced a resolution calling for urgent support for the protection of the people of Guam’s right to safe drinking water from lead and other sources of contamination.