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Senator proposes supplemental funds for Guam Election Commission

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

As candidates for this year's elections get ready to hit the campaign trail,

Sen. Joe San Agustin introduced a bill appropriating fresh funds for the Guam Election Commission to fill the agency's financial gap in preparation for the electoral process.

Bill 280-37 proposes to appropriate $400,000 from any revenue excess from the fiscal 2024 general fund.

In an April 15 letter, the Bureau of Budget and Management Research identified specific funding requirements for the 2024 primary election.

In introducing Bill 280-37, San Agustin stressed the need to provide GEC with the necessary resources to conduct a fair and efficient primary election and to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

"We must uphold the integrity of our democratic process by ensuring that our election commission has the resources it needs to carry out its duties effectively," San Agustin said. "This legislation reflects our commitment to facilitating a smooth and successful primary election in 2024."

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