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San Nicolas proposes transfer of Inalahan Pool to village mayor's office

By Pacific Island Times News Staff Sen. Dwayne T.D. San Nicolas today introduced a bill that would transfer the administrative jurisdiction of the Salaglula Pool Park, commonly known as Inalahan Pool Park, from the Department of Parks and Recreation to the Inalahan mayor's office.

“I introduced this bill in support of Inalahan Mayor Anthony Chargualaf, and his team for their efforts of taking responsibility to take care of the village,” said San Nicolas, author of Bil180-37, who’s also the legislative chairman of the Committee on Emergency Response, Military and Veteran Affairs, Border Safety, and Mayors’ Councilof Guam.

“The legislation will authorize the mayor to take charge in maintaining this village park, which MayorChargualaf and staff have already been doing for several years. Additionally, it will alleviate the burden of the maintenance division at DPR.” The bill states that the Inalahan pool is better maintained and managed by the Office of the Mayor of Inalahan than by DPR.

The Inalahan Mayor’s Office has been handling the responsibility of maintaining the Inalahan Pool, despite the park being under the administrative jurisdiction of DPR, according to the bill.

Although the Inalahan Mayor is not obligated and not responsible for the maintenance of the Inalahan Pool Park, the village mayor’s office has taken upon this burden and has shown willingness and ability to manage and maintain the park. If the bill is passed into Guam law, the Office of the Mayor of Inalahan would be responsible for the maintenance, operation, and management of the Inalahan Pool Park, the bill states. Additionally, DPR shall allocate funds to the Office of the Mayor of Inalahan for the maintenance of the Inalahan Pool Park. “I am in support of the measure because it will allow the Inalahan Mayor’sOffice to use the pool park to its full potential,” said Chargualaf.


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