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San Nicolas calls for public hearing on water testing bill

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Dwayne T.D. San Nicolas urged Sen. Sabina Perez, chair of the environment committee, to schedule a public hearing on his bill that would require testing of imported bottled water for toxic PFAS contaminants.

"It has been over a month since I introduced this critical legislation, Bill 283-37, and the people of Guam deserve timely action and transparency on this pressing public health issue," San Nicolas said.

"With growing concerns over PFAS contamination in drinking water systems across the United States, we must take proactive steps to ensure the 

safety of our imported water supplies," he added.

San Nicolas said his bill aims to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection

Agency's limits on PFAS in drinking water.

The bill noted that while Guam imports a significant amount of its water

 supply each year, there is currently no systematic testing for contaminants, including PFAS.

If enacted into law, the measure would mandate the Guam Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Public Health and Social Services, to develop testing protocols and regulations for water importation.

"The lack of on-island labs capable of testing for PFAS poses a challenge, but importers can explore alternative options, such as collaborating with reputable labs off-island or investing in on-island testing capabilities," said San Nicolas, who chairs the committee on homeland security and border safety.

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