Reboot, rebuild, rebrand

Updated: Apr 5

CNMI hoping to reemerge as a world-class destination

Saipan—After over a year, the Covid-19 pandemic that has cost millions of lives worldwide continues to challenge economies, the state of public health, education and various industries. The pandemic has prompted us to veer away from a world that we used to know as normal.

The Northern Mariana Islands’ leaders and businessmen have shifted their perspective, seeing the tourism pause as an opportunity to spruce up and rebuild —and rebrand — the typhoon-battered islands into a world-class destination by 2031.

“We all have a stake in this,” said CNMI Gov. Ralph Torres, who cochairs the 14-member Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers, which he formed in May 2020.

The panel hopes to help create a master plan for jumpstarting the economy including opening its borders to the world again.


The council sets a collective goal, recommends what businesses to open and how to open those businesses. “We all move in that one direction,” Torres said.