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Power remains unstable; Guam customers urged to conserve energy

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

As it continues to rebuild after Typhoon Mawar, the Guam Power Authority said it is stepping up its energy conservation efforts to reduce the demand on the Island-Wide Power System.

.GPA urged every resident to join this initiative and notes that an islandwide conservation effort during the peak hours from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily will significantly reduce the demand on the IWPS and minimize the chances of load shedding.

GPA said it has worked to keep aged baseload units, Cabras 1 and 2, in operation and get the downed Yigo Combustion Turbine back online while simultaneously taking steps to build interim capacity and identify sources of energy until the new Ukudu Power Plant is commissioned in 2026.

"We recognize that every effort to conserve energy by turning off lights, water heaters, and extra air conditioning units, especially during peak hours, will benefit our customers through savings on their power bills and help GPA reduce the strain on the IWPS during peak hours," GPA General Manager John. M. Benavente said.

GPA announced that extended schedule for possible one-hour rotating outages beginning today through Friday, due to limited generation capacity.

Baseload unit Cabras 2 remains offline for emergency repairs. Yigo CT continues to be offline for extensive repairs due to damage sustained from Typhoon Mawar.

To maintain grid stability when customer energy demand exceeds total energy capacity, GPA will, as a last resort, implement rotating outages lasting up to one-hour. Power will be reconnected to all affected customers at the top of each hour.

Customers are encouraged to conserve power during peak hours by limiting unnecessary air conditioning units and turning off electric water heaters immediately before and during peak demand hours.

Benavente said the last four months of the year, from September through December, tend to be high-demand periods for power on Guam due to schools reopening and the start of the holidays.


GPA also reminded customers that the energy credit relief will end in September after the fourth increment of the Prugråman Ayuda Para I Taotao-ta Energy Credit program posted to all active ratepayers' accounts on Aug. 26.

GPA said the fifth and final $100 energy credit will end in September.

Residential and commercial customers will see the August credit listed in their accounts immediately and on their next bill. GPA is also urging customers to consider energy conservation plans for their homes, schools, and businesses in anticipation of the program’s end.


“Over the weekend, GPA processed the $5.27 million payment from the Department of Administration for the August energy credit, and while we are pleased to make this announcement, we are already preparing our customers for the program’s end in September," Benavente said.

"Rather than waiting until then, we are encouraging them to proactively reduce their consumption now to minimize the $100 jump in their power bills come October," he added.

The second extension of the credit was made possible by Public Law 37- 16, signed into law on May 22, to benefit customers from May through September.

Even with the reduced levelized energy adjustment clause rate in effect, GPA is advising customers to conserve energy to reduce their power bills.

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