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Perez: Cease defense projects in Måguak

Sabina Perez

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Sabina Perez is asking the military to cease and reevaluate its construction projects at Måguak, an ancient village in Finegayen where ancient human remains have been discovered during the digging.

“Consultation measures are inadequate and seem to be limited to only data recovery, drawing parallels to the destruction seen at Måguak," Perez said, describing the project site as "a historic preservation disaster."

Perez said the Joint Region Marianas is only reporting what has already been done, leaving no opportunity to prevent or to mitigate any harm that has happened to the environment.

"Human remains are uncovered and have been disturbed from their resting place. Such discoveries should warrant the halt of any earth clearing activities, with respect to the people who came before us, those who lived in these areas,” Perez said.

The senator said more than 30 different historic sites at Tailålo’ located adjacent to the perimeter of the four firing ranges, and eight human remains that were uncovered and were not preserved in place.

She said JRM's presentation did not include archeological sites located within the footprint of the fifth and largest of the firing ranges.

"Upon questioning, it was revealed that human remains with unique elements were discovered in the footprint of this fifth firing range," Perez said.

"We celebrate Arbor Day this month by planting trees. Meanwhile, historic areas and sacred sites are being razed to the ground. We must honor our ancestors by protecting in-place our burials and the historic districts which contain our cultural and natural heritage, which have nurtured us throughout time," Perez said.

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