Panuelo appeals for calm, says everything is under control

Federated States of Micronesia President David Panuelo is appealing to the panic-stricken Micronesian citizens to remain calm, assuring them the public health situation is under control.

The president delivered a special address Monday to alleviate the citizens' anxiety over the reported Covid-19 case detected on board the government owned passenger-cargo vessel, MV Chief Mailo.

It was the first Covid-19 case in FSM, which dodged the pandemic in 2020.

Panuelo reassured the citizens that the individual who tested positive remained in isolation and the rest of the 12-member crew are in quarantine.

The president defended his decision to allow the return of MV Chief Mailo from the Philippines, where it was drydocked for a year.

He also sought to address misinformation and rumors surrounding the Covid-19 case.