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OAG sues local contractor under Deceptive Trade Practices Act

By Pacific Island Times Staff News Staff

The Office of the Attorney General has filed a civil complaint against a local contractor for its alleged failure to deliver the task for which a client paid.

The OAG's Consumer Protection Division sued David Properties under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, alleging that the contractor failed to produce blueprints for its client after receiving payment.

The lawsuit asked the court to order David Properties to refund the amount paid to the consumer, fine the defendant, and award attorney fees.

“Our Consumer Protection Division will take action against businesses that scam local residents into paying for work that is never provided,” said Attorney General Leevin T. Camacho.

The complaint alleges that the defendant failed to provide blueprints to the consumer and became increasingly unresponsive even after repeated attempts by the consumer to establish a reasonable timeline of completion.


Further, the consumer had already timely paid $4,000 of the agreed upon fee of $5,400. When the consumer asked for a refund, the defendant refused, offering only $1,000 to settle the matter.

The defendant did not respondto the CPD when asked to provide an itemized breakdown of work performed to justify his fee.

The defendant also refused to provide the consumer with a usable format of the blueprints he had already created, rendering any work he had done useless to the consumer.

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