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Nominees for 2022 Guam Business Magazine Executive of the Year named

Guam Business Magazine is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2022 Guam Business Magazine Executive of the Year.

The nominees are:

Frank Cruz, Vice President and General Manager of Guam Fast Foods Inc., which does business as KFC Guam and Sbarro Guam;

Jimmy T.C. Hau, President, Mobil Oil Guam Inc., President, Mobil Oil Mariana Islands Inc. and President, Mobil Oil Micronesia Inc.;

Charles B. Hazzard III, President, CEO and Project Director, DZSP 21;

Charlie Hermosa, General Manager, Guam-Micronesia, APL; President, Bella Wings Aviation; and President, Hermosa Ventures LLC, which does business as Guam Gift Baskets;

Siska S. Hutapea, Founder and President of Cornerstone Valuation Guam Inc.;

Thomas G. Shimizu, General Manager, Ambros Inc.; and

Ken Yanagisawa, General Manager, the Tsubaki Tower, President/Director, PHR Management Inc.; Managing Director, Ken Real Estate Lease Ltd. 

The Executive of the Year will be revealed at the February 11, 2023 Executive of the Year Gala at the Hyatt Regency Guam, together with the release of the January-February 2023 issue of Guam Business Magazine, which will feature the awardee on the cover.

Since 1983, the title of Executive of the Year has been awarded annually (except in 2021 for 2020), recognizing executives who have made outstanding contributions to the business communities of Micronesia, have raised the bar in their fields and are considerably involved in the community.

The 2023 Gala will mark the 40th Anniversary of the Guam Business Magazine Executive of the Year program.

Past Executive of the Year recipients include Robert H. Jones of Triple J Enterprises Inc. (1983); John M. Borlas of IT&E Overseas Inc. (1984); Philip J. Flores of BankPacific (1985); Doris Flores Brooks of the Office of Public Accountability (1986); Mark V. Pangilinan of M.V. Pangelinan Enterprises Inc. (1987); Allen A. Pickens of Tax-Aide (1988); the late T. Roy Sullivan of Jones & Guerrero Co. (1989); Kurt S. Moylan of Moylan’s Insurance (1990); the late Akira “Mike” Baba of Baba Corp. (1991); Paul M. Calvo of Calvo Enterprises Inc. (1992); Antoinette D. Sanford of Sanford Technology Group (1993); the late Kenneth T. Jones of Jones & Guerrero Co. (1994); the late Edward M. Calvo of Calvo Enterprises Inc. (1995);

L. Carl Peterson of Money Resources Inc. (1996); William R. Thompson (1997) of Atkins Kroll Inc.; the late John K. Lee of First Hawaiian Bank (1998); the late Henry L. Schnabel of Calvo’s Insurance Underwriters (1999); Marian Aldan-Pierce of DFS Saipan (2000); Manfred H. Pieper of Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia (2001); Thomas G. Ahillen of Asia Pacific Solutions LLC (2002); Juan T. Guerrero of Herman’s Modern Bakery Inc. (2003); Joseph M. Crisostomo of Cars Plus LLC, Cycles Plus and Payless Car Rental (2004);

Joseph “Jerry” Kramer of Pacific International Inc. (2004); David M. Sablan of Century Group of Companies (2005); the late Alfred C. Ysrael of Tanota Partners (2006); Lee P. Webber of MDA Guam (2007); Laura-Lynn V. Dacanay of First Hawaiian Bank (2008); Jerry Cho Yee Tan of Tan Holdings Inc. (2009); Lourdes A. “Lou” Leon Guerrero of Bank of Guam (2010);

Jay R. Shedd of IT&E (2011); Jerrold C. Johnson of Hawaiian Rock Products (2012); George Chiu of Tan Holdings (2013); Norman T. Tenorio of Joeten Enterprises Inc., Pacifica Insurance Underwriters Inc., Tropical Instant Press Inc., Saipan Shipping Co., Saipan Stevedore and Advance Carrier (2014); Jeffrey B. Jones of Triple J Enterprises Inc. (2015);

Jose C. “Joe” Ayuyu of McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan, RJ Corp. and RJ Guam LLC (2016); Leonard K. Kaae Sr., senior vice president and general manager, Black Construction Corp. (2017); Bernadette N. Valencia of Matson Navigation Inc. (2018); AnneMarie T. Muna, president and general manager of AM Insurance (2019) and Edward G. Untalan, executive vice president and Guam-Northern Marianas region manager of First Hawaiian Bank (2021).


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