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NDAA2025 authorizes $1.8B for Guam

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The fiscal 2025 National Defense Authorization Act includes $1.8 billion in authorized economic activity for Guam.


Some of the larger funding authorizations for Guam include the following:


·         $140 million for the improvement of access roads

·         $167 million for the Improvements of the glass breakwater.

·         Over $606 million for the Guam missile defense.

·         Over $300 million for additional housing inside the military installations.

·         Over $543 million for new military construction projects.

The authorizations for the access roads and glass breakwater and the increase in the funding for the Guam missile defense were among Delegate Moylan’s priority amendments for funding. The authorization for the GMD was increased by nearly $180 million.

“We are happy to report that along with many other direct language and authorizations for Guam in the bill, along with the insertion of language to finally award 3 Guam veterans with the distinguished Medal of Honor, there is much economic activity to look forward to, which will add to the over

 $3.2 billion we were able to secure in the 2024 NDAA. This will create many new jobs, opportunities for small businesses and retailers, an infusion of new tax dollars, and economic activity,” Moylan said.

Other funding victories in the measure include $10 million for the Guam National Guard to construct a Joint Operations Center (along with

 funding for their recruitment and state partnership program), and a $30 million increase in the Defense Capitol Infrastructure Program, a popular grant for government of Guam entities to apply for infrastructure improvements.


“The authorization of $140 million under the Defense Access Roads Program is a huge victory as just about every highway route in Guam qualifies

 under this federal program. It is also one of the largest investments by the

 Department of Defense when it comes to infrastructure utilized by civilians,” Moylan said. 

“Our objective with adding more dollars for military housing is to reduce the demand of outside the fence housing by the military. This should hopefully not just increase the inventory for island residents but

 assist with reducing the costs,” Moylan said.

The delegate’s office stated that additional releases will be issued to provide a breakdown of additional amendments included in the bill. The House now awaits the Senate’s version of the NDAA to begin the conference to discuss the differences between both measures," he added.


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