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Nanbo incentivizes homeowners to 'Go Solar in new sustainability campaign

Company to pay up to $350 of customers’ energy bills with new solar installs

Nanbo Insurance Underwriters today launched its Go Solar promotion, another new Go Green initiative that rewards customers for making sustainable lifestyle choices.

The Go Solar promotion encourages homeowners to harness the power of the sun by installing solar panels as an alternative, more sustainable and long-term energy solution.

Nanbo's Go Solar promotion rewards insureds who install new solar panels at their homes by paying for one month’s worth of the homeowner’s power bill, up to $350, while offering some of the best homeowners coverages on the island.

Nanbo has been providing green options for its customers since 2019 to promote a greener and cleaner environment for Guam’s residents.

Other incentives include Nanbo's Go Green Hybrid promotion that rewards customers who insure their electric hybrid vehicles with a voucher of up to $350 that will apply toward their energy bill.

"Nanbo continues to look for opportunities to support our customers as they make more sustainable lifestyle choices that also help them save on their home and auto policies," said Brent Butler, president of Nanbo.

"Everyone wins when we work together to care for the needs of our customers and our environment. Our customers enjoy the rewards and feel good about the value they receive. We hope to encourage more homeowners to consider solar energy and other energy-efficient choices that can make a collective impact," he added.

Nanbo has been providing Guam’s residents with reliable and affordable homeowners, auto, motorcycle, and business insurance for 53 years. The company continues to introduce policies that promote solutions to reduce customers’ carbon footprint. Details about this special offer can be found on NANBO’s website ( This offer is open to new and existing customers who install or retrofit their homes with solar panels.

“We are proud to be able to offer the Go Solar promotion to our customers. Residents are looking for ways to minimize their expenses and waste," Butler said.

"If there are more benefits for homeowners to consider solar energy, more residents may consider this sensible option. As a tropical island with year-round sunshine, it makes great sense to consider solar energy to help reduce our electricity costs and reliance.”

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