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Moylan vows to resume fight against government corruption

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Douglas Moylan

By Gina T. Reilly

Douglas Moylan has laid out his plans— addressing the island’s mounting drug-related crimes and government corruption on top of his agenda— as he heads back to the Office of the Attorney General.

A recount of votes, requested by the incumbent attorney general, Leevin Camacho, affirmed Moylan’s victory in this year’s race for the attorney general. He defeated Camacho by a razor-thin margin of 39 votes.

“When I finished my term in 2007, I had unfinished business and goals,” Moylan said in a statement. “The public has given to me an opportunity to continue that unfinished business, but most importantly to address the real and present crime and drug wave destroying our island.”

Moylan disclosed plans to reinstate the Government Corruption Division in tandem with Public Auditor Benjamin Cruz “to protect your tax dollars, and ensure all government officials follow the law.”

Moylan was the first elected attorney general after the seat was converted from an appointive to an elective position in 2003. After his four-year term, his bid for reelection was unsuccessful.


“Having served you 16 years ago, as your youngest AG, I have learned much. The saying goes, ‘wisdom comes with age,’ and I am a firm believer in that ideology,” Moylan said in a statement. “My teams are already formed to ensure that all my promises are fulfilled and that your legal needs are addressed by the AG’s Office.”

Moylan, who will officially assume office in January, said he will prioritize prosecuting criminals “to the fullest extent of Guam’s laws” in collaboration with the chief of police, the customs director, as well as the heads of other law enforcement agencies.

“With your help as jurors, and our judges, we will together keep us safe,” he said.

Moylan vowed to have a “frank and open dialogue with the governor” and to reinstate an “open-door policy” to allow the public to gain direct access to his office.

“Your contacting me directly, as well as through my team, will make for a better AG and AG’s office. These are just a fraction of the many legal policies that are now ready to implement because of your vote and my recent election certification,” the attorney general elect said.

“General Leevin Camacho engaged in a spirited race. I ask those of you who voted for him, and all others who may not have voted for me or anyone else for that matter, to please give me the opportunity to prove what this seasoned attorney and AG of thirty years can do for you,” Moylan said.

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