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Moylan proposes increased funding for Guam missile defense project

James Moylan

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

As part of the submissions into the National Defense Authorization Act for 2024 (NDAA), Guam Delegate James Moylan included an amendment to increase the budget for the Guam missile defense system by an additional $147 million.

The figure amounted after various discussions in the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), along with a recommendation with the USINDOPACOM, to ensure that the defense of Guam is adequately prepared for various threats, inclusive of ballistic, hypersonic, and cruise missile threats.

President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget submission requested $397 million for the Guam Defense System, while the USINDOPACOM recommended a total of $544 million not only to ensure the immediate needs within the Pacific theater but also to provide the basis for a future offensive capability.

This is where the difference of $147 million was brought to the table.

“Ensuring that our island and community are safe from the uncertainties is our priority, just as ensuring that this region is protected is a high-priority mission for USINDOPACOM. After discussions with Admiral Aquilino, along with my colleagues on the Armed Services Committee, it was vital that one of our priority submittals was ensuring that adequate funding is provided for the Guam MissileDefense System," Moylan said.

"My team and I will continue to advocate for this funding and will not accept any shortchanging of this necessity,” he added.

Discussions on the various amendments to the NDAA continue to take place this month, with committee markups scheduled for May.

“I will continue to keep the community updated on our amendments in the NDAA, and we certainly hope to build on the support we are receiving with our colleagues in Congress who also recognize the importance of ensuring Guam and our community are protected from uncertainties,” Moylan added.

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