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Morrico launches heavy equipment financing and lease program

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Contractors now have greater access to equipment and vehicles to complete any project through Morrico Equipment's heavy equipment financing and lease plans.

Launched this week, Morrico's solutions provide contractors access to the diverse range of equipment and vehicles needed to meet the demands of Guam’s construction industry.

Morrico Equipment, Guam and Micronesia’s premier heavy equipment and commercial vehicle dealership since 1990, created the new program to support the island's contractors during an unprecedented construction boom.

Morrico offers a wide range of new and used heavy equipment and commercial vehicles from 20 of the most reputable brands in the industry, all of which can now be leased or financed.  

“Morrico Equipment’s financing and lease programs allow us to better serve contractors, many of whom are already our valued customers, by providing them with greater access to the cutting-edge equipment and vehicles they need to complete their projects more efficiently and affordably," said Joel Lesh, vice president and general manager of Morrico Equipment.

Lesh said the company's initiative empowers contractors to have the flexibility to navigate the dynamic landscape of construction projects while benefiting from our local infrastructure.

"This program is new for Guam and our way of supporting the evolving needs of the construction industry and the island’s economic growth," he added.

Morrico Equipment’s financing and lease solutions are supported by First Financial Equipment Leasing for all 20 of Morrico’s original equipment manufacturer brands and Daimler Truck Financial for Freightliner vehicles and Thomas Built buses.

First Financial Equipment Leasing, headquartered in Southern California and a member of JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd., has provided financing solutions designed to conserve capital and offer affordable access to increasingly critical, advanced technologies and equipment. Daimler Truck Financial Services is one of the largest captive financial and mobility services companies in the industry and a completely integrated part of the world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Daimler Truck AG. 

Morrico Equipment has streamlined the application process to make it easy for contractors to apply. The heavy equipment company enhanced its website – – to offer a convenient online application process and an expanded visual inventory of new and used models.

Customers can upload their required documents to the online portal or find additional information about the program.

Morrico Equipment’s leasing option combines the advantages of both renting and buying. Contractors opting to lease can benefit from lower upfront costs as there is typically no requirement for a substantial down payment. One of the most notable benefits of leasing is the ability for contractors to upgrade to new models every few years. Contractors can stay at the forefront of technological advancements and operational efficiency without the long-term commitment associated with purchasing equipment outright.

“Leasing helps contractors to free up capital and avoid tying up valuable credit lines, which gives them better financial agility to manage their projects,” said Lesh. “We are confident that this program will transform the landscape of construction on the island and provide contractors with unprecedented access to equipment and vehicles that can improve their efficiency and bottom line.”

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