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Military number falls under ' controlled information,' Moylan says

James Moylan

 By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Seeking to assuage community concerns over a looming military-related population surge, Guam Del. James Moylan said “there are no plans to increase the military population to 45,000 servicemembers and their dependents within the next two years.”


 “If there was a planned surge of troops, regardless of the number, this information would be protected at a minimum to the level of (controlled unclassified information,” Moylan said in response to concerns raised by Attorney General Douglas Moylan.


“If there was a planned surge of troops, regardless of the number, sharing this controlled information publicly would put Guam at risk,” Del. Moylan added.


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The first wave of the Marines is anticipated to arrive by the end of the year.

According to the revised international roadmap, 5,000 Marines plus their approximately 9,000 dependents will be transferred to Guam in batches.


Attorney General Moylan said the impending population explosion will greatly strain the island’s utility supply and public safety system.


He urged Guam’s elected policymakers to seek the exact number of troops coming to the island.


Del. Moylan said while the increase in the military population “is not a secret and is not  one which was conceived just yesterday,” the exact number is classified information.


“Known adversaries would certainly take notice and act accordingly. Thus, the control and flow of accurate information is paramount to the continued safety of our people,” he said.


The population increase will result from the relocation of the Marines, who will be stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, as well as the planned installation of the Guam missile defense system and the basing of U.S. Coast Guard on Guam.


“While there are many scenarios, situations do change, hence no numbers are definite, and obviously these plans are protected,” Del. Moylan said.


“More importantly, the DoD will work with local government entities to ensure that

our resources are not depleted, as Guam’s infrastructure is vital for both the

military’s readiness, and our community’s survival,” he added.


In anticipation of an increase in the military population, Moylan said the delegate office has secured $215 million in family housing construction on Guam through the 2024 NDAA, which eases constraints on the local housing market.


“We look forward to pursuing the same or more, for the 2025 NDAA. In the upcoming NDAA we are advocating to increase the number of military homes through various routes, including 3D printing and public-private partnerships through existing, yet vacant, structures,” he added. “Once again, our objectives are to reduce the need for DoD to deplete homes in the local inventory.


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