Military expands restricted zone for firing tests on Guam

Updated: Oct 12

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has further expanded the restricted area designated for military firing tests on Guam, covering a wider portion of the waters adjacent to Finegayan, the site of Mason Live Fire Training Range Complex.

“Due to the strategic location of Guam and the Department of Defense's relocation of Marines from Okinawa to Guam, there will be an increased need for training and testing areas on Guam,” the Corps states in the final rule posted Friday on the Federal Register and will take effect on Nov. 8.

Under the revised rule, the restricted area now comprises approximately 3,660 acres extending into the Pacific Ocean approximately 2.8 miles from the north coast of Guam.

“The danger zone would follow the mean high water line of the Pacific Ocean and would not extend shoreward of this line,” the Corps said.

The size of the revised testing area expands from “892 acres and extending 2.36 miles into the Pacific Ocean from the high tide line,” which the Corps initially adopted in August last year.

“Concerning potential consequences for entering the danger zone while it is being used for small arms training, the most immediate consequence would be the potential for being struck by bullets, which on rare occasions may ricochet beyond the range's containment berms," the Corps said.

"This safety hazard is the reason for the establishment of this danger zone, which is to help provide for public safety when the range is in use."

The Corps said the construction of the Mason LFTRC and its associated danger zone is designed to meet the increased need for training exercises.