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Mawar now a super typhoon; catastrophic conditions expected

By Pacific Is;and Times News Staff

Super Typhoon Mawar is expected to make a direct hit or very near passage for Guam, which is facing a potentially catastrophic and devastating event, based on the current forecast track.

Typhoon-force winds are expected Wednesday morning, with peak conditions around midday.

Mawar’s current sustained winds are at 155 mph, which is a strong Category 4, low-end Category 5 storm, with the potential to intensify. At this time, the timeline of the typhoon’s peak conditions on Guam is likely around midday Wednesday.

Officials advised residents to seek immediate shelter "before it is unsafe to do so." The onset of damaging winds is expected this evening.

Mawar has been upgraded to a Super Typhoon. As of 5 p.m., Super Typhoon Mawar was located 11.9 degrees north latitude and 146.5 degrees east longitude, about 155 miles southeast of Guam and 230 miles south-southeast of Saipan. It is moving north at 5 mph, with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph.

"This is a very serious situation with steadily deteriorating conditions. The triple threat of Category 4 typhoon-force winds, torrential rains, and life-threatening storm surge are all expected for Guam. Large storm surge and coastal impacts are likely to occur, particularly for coastal areas," according to the latest advisory from Joint Information Center.

Residents whose homes are not safe against heavy winds or rains, or those that live in low-lying, flood-prone areas are advised to move to a designated emergency shelter.


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