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Leon Guerrero-Tenorio team officially files candidacy

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Lt. Gov. Joshua Tenorio today filed their candidacy for reelection, surrounded by family, friends and voters from across the island.

“We can build on our solid financial foundation that eliminated the deficit, cut taxes for 85 percent of small businesses, and ended three federal receiverships—or we can surrender our finances to the reckless and irresponsible—those who would say or do anything to avoid hard truths just to win an election," Leon Guerrero said.

Leon Guerrero and Tenorio will be challenged by Congressman Michael San Nicolas and his running mate, Sabrina Salas Matanane, in the Democratic primary on Aug, 27.

“Josh has helped restore Guam’s reputation among our federal grant partners,” said Leon Guerrero. “We worked closely to find a way to increase the salary of our nurses, law enforcement officers and teachers, giving these noble public servants the pay they deserve and keeping them on-island.”

The governor said she recognized the hard work and sacrifice of government and private-sector workers to reopen tourism, restart the economy and reignite hope.


She said personal integrity is a hallmark of her public and professional life.

“Generations of our people did not sacrifice for this great nation so that we’d have to hang our head in shame. Leadership is a sacred responsibility, and you will never be embarrassed by our behavior," she said.

Tenorio said the administration is addressing the rising cost of power, putting cash in people's pockets, paying for the cost of childcare and trash pickup and putting more cops on the street.

“The governor and I are true partners. Four years ago, we promised to find real solutions for our veterans and homeless persons, create structure in how GovGuam manages its federal funds, and strategically execute all of the governor’s directives in a fair, transparent, and accountable way," Tenorio said.

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