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Joint Task Force Micronesia eyes strong deterrence to prevent conflict

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Rear Adm. Gregory C. Huffman today officially assumed command of the Joint Task Force-Micronesia during a ceremony held at Andersen Air Force Base.

Officials said the task force's mission is to synchronize operations and activities across all domains, enabling a robust warfighting posture, while enhancing partner nation capacity. 

According to a press release from the task force, the new command will "promote regional stability, provide homeland defense, defense support to civil authorities, and foreign humanitarian assistance through a whole-of-government approach."

“Defending this homeland through the vision of the Guam defense system, commanded and controlled by Joint Task Force – Micronesia is my number one priority. This joint area of operations is critical terrain that enables the success of delivering integrated deterrence,” said Adm. Samuel J. Paparo, commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

Paparo presided over the establishment ceremony for the joint task force, the first two-star command in the region in more than 70 years.

“By ensuring our joint force and our joint capabilities are in the right place at the right time, we are able to deliver strong deterrence to prevent conflict. Its strategic importance cannot be overstated," Paparo said.


Huffman’s role as the senior military officer in the region, will emphasize the Department of Defense’s support to our pacing challenge throughout the region, and bolster relationships with our Allies and partner nations in the joint operating area. 


The JTF-M joint operating area will include Guam, the Northern Marianas, Wake Island, and the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands and Palau.


“Our team thinks, acts, and operates differently, while continuing to be an innovative force that deters aggression. Our adversaries will see our accomplishments in the region, and they will see our commitment to strengthening relationships with our neighbors in the region,” said Huffman. 

“They will see how our military emphasizes a collaborative vision with our allies and partners that prioritizes stability and a free and open Indo-Pacific region.”


Huffman, the son of a career naval officer and a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, brings a wealth of insight to the role, based on his experience as the recent Commander of Joint Region Marianas. 






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