IT&E implements 10-digit dialing for CNMI; Docomo retains 7-digits

Updated: Oct 21

Effective Oct. 24, IT&E will begin implementing the inclusion of 670 area code for local calls in the CNMI. Docomo will not follow the same dialing procedure for the territory.

For IT&E subscribers, the new dialing procedure impacts all outgoing calls made from mobile devices. Calls from landline numbers will not be affected.

The area code must be dialed first, followed by the local telephone number. (For example: 670-682-4483.) If the area code is not dialed, the call will not be completed.

The new dialing procedure is mandated by the Federal Communications Commission, which has designated 988 as the service number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. The new dialing procedure will prevent accidental calls to the Lifeline, which could delay services to those in need.

“Our mobile subscribers in both Guam and the CNMI will be required to include their respective area codes when dialing. We understand that the new dialing procedure will take some adjustment, but this will allow us to provide consistent operations for all our mobile subscribers," said Rose Soledad, general manager of IT&E.

Tips to prepare for the new dialing procedure:

· Add 670 to the beginning of all local phone numbers in your contact list.

· Reprogram all numbers on life safety systems or medical monitoring devices,