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GWA: 73% of wells now operational

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

At least 73 percent of Guam wells are now back online as of 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to Guam Waterworks Authority.

“That’s 87 wells total with 41 on island power, and 46 operating on generators,” said Miguel Bordallo, GRA executive director.

“Our teams focusing on pump and motor replacements brought two of those 10 wells back online, and will continue their work throughout the week at additional well sites,” Bordallo said in his latest podcast update.

Bordallo said the Federal Emergency Management Agency assisted GWA with two additional generators installed to power two more wells.

“Total production from our wells is estimated at about 30 MGD, bringing more water into our northern and central systems,” Bordallo said.

He added that GWA’s engineering and operations teams are working with the agency’s contractors to build a temporary booster pump system to get water to the Sinifa area in Santa Rita.

“The Navy has granted GWA’s request for a temporary connection and additional water from their Fena water treatment plant which we hope to send up to these higher areas of Santa Rita as quickly as we can,” Bordallo said.


Bordallo also sought to clarify the “confusion” regarding GWA’sefforts to enforce water conservation during this state of emergency.

“The governor’s executive order emphasizes that certain non-essential uses of water from the public water system are prohibited,” he said.

“GWA will respond to complaints of such non-essential usage as they are reported to us, but I ask that the public and businesses be mindful of the need to conserve water until all our island’s people have their service restored.”

He urged residents to use “only what you need and not all that you can get from GWA’s system for the benefit of those still waiting to receive water service.”

In a separate press release, GWA cited Public Law 21-134 stating that “GWA water may not be used for the washing of motor vehicles, windows, streets, sidewalks and buildings, or for the irrigation or watering of ornamental plants, shrubs, flowers, lawns and golf courses.”

GWA said the governor’s executive order to enforce the law was intended to limit “excessive water usage to allow the reservoirs to adequately fill to provide water to all GWA customers.”

“While the public law requires that GWA investigate any case of excessive water usage that is reported to us, our number one priority is water restoration and keeping our water safe,” Bordallo said. “It is our hope all members of the public comply with the law to avoid taking GWA manpower and resources away from the restoration efforts.”

GWA noted Gov. Leon Guerrero’s directive that “there are no exceptions or exemptions to this public law, and length of the order will be at the discretion of the governor.”

“We are asking the public to use best judgment to limit water usage to essential needs only,” said Bordallo. “Until all our island’s people are receiving water to their homes, please only use what you need, not all that you can.”

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