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Guam Visitors Bureau seeks to boost Guam travel with Visa

 By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Guam Visitors Bureau has partnered up with Visa to help boost travel to Guam and enhance visitor spending.  


The Visa representatives visited Guam to give a presentation to GVB members during the GVB General Membership Meeting on March 13 and to sign a memorandum of understanding with GVB to establish a longstanding partnership to promote Guam.  


Leading the team from Visa was Mr. Patrick Storey, Country Manager for Visa Korea & Mongolia along with Mr. Seung Hyun “Stanley” Kim, Head of Cross-Border Payment for Visa Korea & Mongolia, who gave a presentation on Korean spending trends to the GVB membership at the RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort ballroom prior to signing the memorandum.


“Visa’s mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, reliable, and secure network enabling individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive,” Kim said in his presentation, “We seek collaboration with merchants to achieve our goal.  Numerous strategies exist to promote offers in Guam to Korean travelers, an area where our Visa teams are highly interested in collaborating with GVB and all their partners.”


The MOU was created to initiate joint data-driven marketing projects that will boost travel to Guam and create the infrastructure to drive on-island spending and enhance the payment experience for Visa card holders. 

Part of the MOU is aimed at the joint effort to build a Visa-exclusive rewards program for Guam to attract more repeat visitors and loyal customers.  GVB plans to utilize Visa’s communication channels to promote Guam to Korean travelers and accelerate on-island spending through Visa card transactions. 


“It would be a great accomplishment to work with such a huge corporate brand and their network to promote Guam as a destination and enhance the spending experience for our visitors.  This partnership can be of benefit to everyone, especially the people of Guam,” said GVB President and CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez.


GVB and Visa plan to commence planning for their joint promotion over the next few months.  (GVB)



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