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Guam senators set to vote on power credit program's six-month extension

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Guam ratepayers would get more relief if a bill extending the power credit program is signed into law.

Bill 277-37, which would entitle a ratepayer to a cumulative $600 credit for six months, advanced to the voting file today.

Under the original version of Sen. William Parkinson’s bill, the Prugraman Ayuda I Taotao would be extended to cover the power bills for April, May and June with a $100 monthly credit.

Lawmakers passed Sen. Dwayne San Nicolas’ amendment to further stretch the credit until September .

"We are now one step closer to six more months of $100 discounts to our power

bills. We know we have the money for this, and we may never be able to do this again,” Parkinson said.

"Our people need help, and this has been the most efficient way to put money directly into the pockets of our people. This is the people's money. Let's give it back to them,” he added.


San Nicolas’ amendment would appropriate $31.65 million of excess revenue from the fiscal 2024 general fund to GPA to cover the credit extension.

In committee of the whole, Edward Birn, the director of the Guam Department of Administration, confirmed that there is $46.2 million in revenue.


“This is a good way to spend it. When voting on legislation, I question ‘Will this bill help auntie Tita?’ ‘Will this be good for her?’ I believe this is a good

 amendment and a wonderful bill. If this bill passes into law, this measure will help many of our people. For the next six months, island residents will save $100 each month because of Bill 277,” San Nicolas said.

“When we have the opportunity to relieve the people of any burden, then let’s do it. This is the people’s money and it should go to the people," he added.

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