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Guam senator proposes temporary hiring of retired maintenance workers

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Sen. Joe S. San Agustin is proposing to authorize the Guam Department of Education to hire retired facilities and maintenance employees on a temporary basis to ensure that school facilities are properly maintained.

“The lack of facilities and maintenance personnel is one of the many issues faced by GDOE," San Agustin said after introducing Bill 91-37. "If the first step is to authorize GDOE to temporarily hire their retired facilities and maintenance personnel in order to ensure that our public schools are safe and clean for our students, let’s do it,”

In the last three months since the 37th Guam Legislature convened, Dr. Judith T. Won Pat, acting superintendent of GDOE had voiced her concern multiple times to the Legislature during Education oversights, public hearings, and sessions about the lack of Facilities and Maintenance Personnel leading to a backlog of school repairs and maintenance.

“We cannot turn a blind eye to issues regarding the safety and health of our public-school students, it is our responsibility and mission as leaders of this island to ensure that they receive the best quality education with a safe and healthy environment," San Agustin said. "Let’s work together for our students as they will lead our island in the future."

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