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Guam’s wage hike pushed to Sept. 1

With Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero signing Bill 24-36 into Public Law No. 36-1 delaying the scheduled minimum wage increase, the Guam Department of Labor issues the latest informational poster detailing the change in the effective date of the increase.

The increase from $8.75 to $9.25 which would have gone into effect today, March 1, will now apply on Sept. 1.

“When the minimum wage increase bill was first passed it was a positive measure to help our working poor. That is still the goal of the administration and my agency, however we recognize the Covid-19 pandemic has created a global recession. It is our responsibility to rebuild Guam’s economy to help employees and businesses together,” said Labor Director David Dell’Isola.

Federal agencies as well as the Guam Department of Labor require notices be provided to employees or posted in the workplace. An updated Fair Labor Standards Act poster is now available from the agency with the updated effective date and the details of the respective public law.

“It’s the responsibility of the employers to let their employees know of their rights by displaying the Fair Labor Standards Act poster at their places of business,” said Acting Wage and Hour Administrator Greg Massey.


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