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Guam power system stable for now but 'unforeseen challenges may arise'

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Guam Power Authority said it has made significant progress in stabilizing the power system in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.

But while the power system is currently stable, GPA said it intends to remain vigilant and address any issues promptly to ensure a reliable power supply.

"Despite the successful efforts to stabilize the power system, GPA acknowledges that unforeseen challenges may arise," it said.

The latest updates on the power generation status are as follows:

· Cabras 2 (baseload unit): The generator is now online after completing boiler tube repairs as of 9 am today and is contributing 30MW to the system. GPA will maintain the plant below its capacity at 31MW to mitigate the chance of future boiler tube issues.

· Piti 7 (non-baseload): This unit is back online as of this afternoon, further bolstering the power supply by 20 MW.

GPA encourages residents to continue with conservation efforts, especially during peak hours from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

"The community's ongoing support in reducing energy demand is crucial to minimizing the risk of future outages," GPA said.

Immediate measures and future solutions are currently ongoing:

  • Interruptible Load Program (ILP): 16 MW of energy is contributed by large customers and the

  • U.S. Navy during peak demand periods, helping minimize outages for other customers.

  • Conservation Campaign: Customers actively reduce peak demand by implementing energy-saving plans during peak hours.

  • TemporaryPower: Plans submitted to the Public Utilities Commission for temporary power. Pending approvals, temporary units could be online within 100 days after contract signing.

  • Typhoon Damage Repair: Repairs to the Yigo CT 20 MW, damaged during Typhoon Mawar, are underway, with completion expected by the end of February.

  • Diesel Unit Repairs: Working on an expedited procurement process to repair diesel units, potentially increasing output by 40 MW by February.

  • Battery Storage: Preparing bids for additional battery storage to enhance capacity.

  • Federal Assistance: Engaging with federal agencies to secure assistance in increasing capacity, with ongoing discussions initiated before Typhoon Mawar.

  • RenewableEnergy Initiatives: Responses are being reviewed for a large renewable energy bid (Phase IV); the Virtual Power Plant will be with the CCU and PUC soon for review/approval.

  • Energy Conservation: Customers are encouraged to conserve power and the GPA will continue to provide updates on the power system status.

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