Guam has the highest Covid risk, highest breakthrough infection rate in the US

Updated: Sep 21

Breakthrough cases make up 31% of more than 1,700 positive results in August

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan

While famed for its successful vaccination rollout, Guam topped the list of U.S. red zones with the highest risk of Covid-19 infections.

Guam also has the highest per capita rate of breakthrough cases— infections among fully vaccinated people— showing a 31 percent share of overall positive cases in the month of August.

According to NPR’s Sept. 15 chart, Guam has 115 coronavirus infections per 100,000 people. Covid tests have yielded an average of 183 cases a day, with a 36 percent increase in two weeks.

Guam leads the pack of Category Red states identified as highest-risk places that include Tennessee (with a population of 6.92 million), West Virginia (1.8 million) Wyoming (590,000) and South Carolina (5.2 million).

Source: NPR

NPR said the risk levels were based on a scale developed by the Harvard Global Health Institute in a collaboration of top scientists at various U.S. institutions.