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Guam eyes modular microgrid project

Updated: Jul 10

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Guam Power Authority has announced plans to deploy innovative technology that will advance the integration of distributed energy resources while improving the resilience of the electrical grid.

The project will be funded with a $916,885 grant the GPA has received from the  U.S. Department of Energy through the Office of Electricity Underserved and Indigenous Community Microgrids Grant.

GPA's project will be implemented with the Pacific National Laboratory, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and PXiSE Energy Solutions, which will form a project team to develop, test, and demonstrate a modular microgrid control system technology to standardize the control and communication 

of modular microgrids. 

Modular microgrids utilize small-scale power generation sources that can operate in parallel with or independently from the main power grid, allowing them to provide backup power services in the event of loss of power to the main grid.

Historically, microgrids have been expensive to implement, especially when they can vary in size and renewable energy penetration. By designing a universal data communication software for these microgrids, GPA will have the ability to deploy multiple systems while driving down implementation costs.


“GPA is looking at innovative ways to increase renewable energy generation to meet our goal of 50 percent clean energy by 2030 and ultimately 100 percent by 2040," said John M. Benavente, GPA general manager. "By working with national laboratories and leading industry experts, we are able to

 implement new technology without compromising the grid."

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