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Guam Ethics Commission begins receiving ethics complaints

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Guam Ethics Commission, which has been empaneled for the first time since 2019, will not begin accepting ethics complaints from the community.

Following the members' confirmation, the commission said it focused on setting up the office infrastructure and securing adequate resources to begin accepting complaints.

This included recruiting and training staff, working out complaint handling protocols, and seeking enhancements to the Guam code concerning ethics to strengthen the Commission’s independence.

The mission of the Ethics Commission is to uplift the public’s confidence in government employees, programs, and operations by ensuring the practice and promotion of the highest standards of ethical behavior in the government of Guam.


The commission said takes all allegations about ethics violations seriously and encourages anyone possessing information about an Employee’s violation of the standards of conduct to file a complaint with the Commission.

Violation of the standards of conduct include gifts, gifts disclosure, conflicts of interest, use of confidential information, unfair treatment, government contracts, post employments restrictions, and failing to file certain Guam Election Commission reports with the Guam Ethics Commission.

Persons interested in filing a complaint, or who would like to receive more information about the complaint process are encouraged to contact the Guam Ethics Commission at (671) 969-5625 or

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