Greene receives cookies, personal invite to Guam and a crash course in history

Updated: Mar 17

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who found herself in the company of Americans who thought Guam was a foreign country, today received lessons in history and current events. First and foremost, this tiny Pacific island, known as the "tip of the spear," has been a U.S. territory for more than a century.

"Guam is an integral component of allied U.S. force realignment priorities now guiding the United States Indo-Pacific Command Area of Responsibility, headquartered at Pearl Harbor," Guam Visitors Bureau president Carl Gutierrez wrote in a letter to Greene.

The representative from Georgia's 14th congressional district stirred controversy during a recent Conservative Political Action Conference in

Orlando, Fl., where she made a comment lumping Guam together with foreign countries which she said should not receive U.S. aid.

“We believe our hard-earned tax dollars should just go for America. Not for, what? China, Russia, the Middle East, Guam, whatever, wherever,” she said.