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GPA rolls out online processing for Energy Sense Rebate Program

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

Applications for the Guam Power Authority's Energy Sense Rebate Program may now be filed online, allowing residential and commercial customers to complete the process at their convenience.

The program allows customers to avail of rebates from the purchase of energy-efficient appliances.

The online application process opened on Aug. 17.

John Benavente, GPA general manager, said the rebate program has been successful in encouraging customers to purchase environment-friendly appliances.

"Now with the rising costs of gas, food, and overall living, it makes sense that more of our customers will be purchasing energy-efficient appliances and the online application creates a seamless path to getting a rebate,” Benavente said.


The online ESRP offers customers the ability to track the progress of their rebate applications or receive email notifications for any major status changes. Going online not only provides faster information but also reduces the use of paper, ink and courier services.

"These benefits help save valuable time, expenses and resources. As the online ESRP is new, currently only GPA customers under the rate schedules R, J and G can apply online," GPA said in a press release.

The existing paper application process is still available to large commercial, government and prepaid customers, but GPA hopes to include them in future updates.

“We wanted to reach most of our customer base who demonstrate the most need in using this process, which is why we restricted the online application to GPA customers under the rate schedules R, J and G," Benavente said.

"Not only will the rebates provide some income relief, but the purchase of an energy-efficient appliance will result in lower power consumption which benefits the entire community,” he added.

John J. Cruz, Jr., assistant general manager of engineering & technical services, said the online ESRP application creates "a seamless efficient process to avail of the rebates they deserve for purchasing these types of appliances."

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