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GPA: Outage needed to support transmission line repairs

Guam Power Authority advises the public that in order to allow for the Snohomish PUD Washington crew to make repairs on the 115kV transmission line, certain distribution feeder line needs to be secured.

The line which feeds power customers in the villages of Piti and part of Asan will be interrupted. The outage could be from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. today. The transmission lines vital to the stabilization of the IWPS sustained widespread damage from typhoon Mawar. As island power is restored to the community, the repairs to the transmission lines become increasingly critical.

The repair of the 115 kV line from Harmon substation to Hagatna was completed yesterday, with the last leg of repairs being between Hagatna and Piti. The repair to the express line is expected within a week. Affected areas:

Piti: Route 1 Piti Village to Fish Eye and MDA; Route 1 from Port Intersection Northbound to War in the Pacific, including Masso Ct., portions of Assumption Dr., Tuncap St., JR Roberto, San Nicolas Ln. and surrounding areas

Asan: Route 1 and Asan Park and surrounding areas.

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