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GPA, GWA seek CCU approval of pay adjustments for personnel

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Guam Power Authority and the Guam Waterworks Authority are seeking the Consolidated Commission's approval of the proposed new pay schedules for their respective personnel.

The proposed strategic pay scale adjustments for GPA will cover all certified, technical, and professional positions, with a projected personnel cost of $2.5 million this year and $7.98 million in the next five years.

The agencies sent amended petitions to CCU this week.

The two separate petitions for new payscales were based on the Compensation Study conducted by Alan Searle & Associates in 2022.

"The Guam Power Authority is seeking approval for its strategic pay plan, aimed at gradually adjusting salaries over the next five years to reach up to the 50th market percentile (2022 market data)," GPA stated in its petition.

Estimated costing was projected at 427 fulltime employees, utilizing proposed 2022 job evaluation points, GPA said

"This adjustment is crucial to attract and retain certified, technical and professional employees required for the efficient operation of the island-wide power system," GPA said.

See payscale here.

For GWA, the agency said the amendment supplemented the petition submitted on Feb. 5.

"In March 2023, Alan Searle and Associates completed a market review study based on U.S. water utility salaries in 2022 that compared the existing GWA 2017 certified technical professional strategic pay scale for all positions," GWA said.

"The update concluded that the salary levels established in 2017 have regressed on average from the 20th market percentile to the 5th market percentile compared to U.S. water utilities.

GWA is requesting approval for its strategic pay plan to adjust salaries over the next six years up to the 50th market percentile.

See the proposed pay structure for GWA here.


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