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GPA anticipates restoration of 20MW on Guam power grid by end of April

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Yigo Combustion Turbine rotor has arrived on Guam, advancing the Guam Power Authority's stalled efforts to stabilize the island's power supply, officials announced today. 

GPA said the CT rotor, which is a crucial component of Yigo's power generator, sustained damage during Typhoon Mawar, severely impacting critical power infrastructure and energy reserves.

Its shipment speeds up the utility's ongoing initiatives to bolster power generation capacity to meet Guam’s increasing power demands in the coming months, GPA said.

"Following meticulous repairs and a challenging transport process, the refurbished rotor’s arrival and imminent installation mark a significant step 

forward in GPA's mission to enhance energy reliability for its customers," GPA said in a press release.

GPA said the installation and testing of the generator rotor will add 20 MW to the Island Wide Power System. The process is expected to be completed by the end of April.

"Recognizing the concerns of our community, we are fully committed to addressing the current energy challenges on Guam," said Jennifer Sablan, assistant general manager of operations.

"With focused efforts and technical expertise, we aim to restore power reliability through multiple fronts within the next few months and intend to keep our customers informed every step of the way," she added.


The restoration of the Yigo CT is just one aspect of GPA's multi-pronged approach to address the island's capacity shortfall, bridging the gap until the opening of the Ukudu Power Plant by Sept. 15, 2025.


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