Governor: vaccine will be 'a voluntary choice'

Amid public misgivings over Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero said Wednesday getting vaccinated will be "a voluntary choice."

However, the governor sought to allay the residents’ apprehension, noting that the vaccine had gone through “great great scrutiny to make it safe and effective.”

“What we had done is try to push out as much information as possible,” Leon Guerrero said at a press conference announcing details of the vaccination program, which begins Thursday.

“I would encourage the people to read as much as they can about the vaccine and the clinical trials and then make your decision,” the governor said.

Some residents expressed reluctance over taking the vaccine, wary of the reported side effects such as allergic reactions and fever during the trial. But the governor noted that that vaccine was "backed by data and science and clinical trials."

Guam received the first shipment of vaccine on Tuesday, much earlier than anticipated. "We receive a small dose of hope," the governor said. "Guam is the first territory in the nation to receive the Covid vaccine."

Health care workers make up the priority group to be immunized during the initial stage of the vaccine distribution at Okkodo Elementary School Thursday.

Public health director Art San Agustin said the vaccine will not be administered to those with fever or any related symptoms and those who may have allergies to the content of the vaccine.