German warship Bayern arriving in Guam today for a 5-day visit

By Mar-Vic Cagurangan

The German navy’s frigate “Bayern” is arriving on Guam today as part of its six-month deployment linked to Berlin's mission to take part in keeping order in the Indo-Pacific region perturbed by geopolitical tension.

According to a reliable source, the 230-crewmember Bayern will moor at 12:30 p.m. and will stay in Guam until Oct. 22.

Based on a map published by the German armed forces, Guam is among the 12 ports in the region where the frigate is scheduled to stop during its six-month deployment. Other port stops include Djibouti, Karachi, Diego Garcia, Perth, Guam, Tokyo and Shanghai.

According to the Marine Traffic website, Bayern departed from Melekeok, PW on Oct. 16.

The ship, which set sail from the port of Wilhelmshaven on Aug. 3, traverses the South China Sea, a hotspot of disputed Chinese territorial claims.

“The Indo-Pacific is where the international order of the future will be decided. We want to help shape it and to take on responsibility for upholding the rules‑based international order," Germany's Federal Foreign Service said in an Aug. 2 statement announcing the ship's departure.