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FSM reports first community transmissions, detects 27 Covid cases

By Pacific Island Times News Staff

The Federated States of Micronesia, one of the last countries in the world that remained Covid-free at the height of the pandemic, today reported a total of 27 community transmissions that have been detected in Kosrae and Pohnpei.

The detection of Covid cases has prompted state governments to advise residents to avoid public gatherings and to wear a facemask at all times. State officials also renewed their call for all residents to get vaccinated and visit the hospital if they have any flu-like symptoms.

In Kosrae, the FSM government has been advised that between July 16 and 17, several influenza-like illnesses were showing up in the community.

A medical team investigated, and upon going to a household of 11 persons and testing them all determined that 10 of them were positive.

Additionally, 28 people showed up at the Kosrae Hospital’s outpatient area. Of this group, 25 were positive for Covid-19.

A repatriation flight to Kosrae on July 18 brought in one passenger from Guam and three from Pohnpei. Of these four, two from Pohnpei were found to be positive upon arrival into Kosrae.

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