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Guam mourns death of former first lady Rosanne Ada

Guam is mourning the passing of former First Lady Rosanne Ada, who was an advocate of people with disabilities. She served as the executive director of the Guam Developmental Disabilities Council and as a board member for Guma’ Mami, among others. She was married to former Gov. Joseph Ada, who held the office from 1987 to 1995.

Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and Lt. Gov. Josh Tenorio issue the following statements:

“We join Governor Ada, his family, and the island of Guam in mourning former First Lady Rosanne Ada. She truly lived a life marked by compassion, warmth, and love evidenced by her decades of service and commitment to underserved communities. Her legacy will not be forgotten, and we are grateful for all her contributions to the People of Guam,” said Governor Leon Guerrero.

“Throughout her career, Mrs. Ada was at the forefront of championing services for individuals with disabilities. As First Lady, she shared her love and compassion for our island and made it a better place. My condolences to Governor Joseph Ada and their children Eric, Tricia, Esther, and family,” said Lt. Governor Tenorio.

Speaker Therese Terlaje issued a statement paying tribute to Mrs. Ada.

“Mrs. Ada devoted much of her time to helping those in our community who are most in need. We must strive to honor her life achievements by continuing her advocacy in service to our island,” Terlaje said.

Congressman Michael San Nicolas also expressed his condolences, saying: “Governor Joe Ada and First Lady Roseanne were dear friends of my grandparents the late Speaker Franklin and Julia Quitugua, and remain close to our hearts today. The Quitugua and San Nicolas families extended the fullness of our hearts on the passing of First Lady Roseanne Ada to our dear friend Governor Joe, the family, and the Ada and Santos clans.”

Members and staff of the Guam Developmental Disabilities Council join the community in remembering the life of the former first lady.

"In a lifetime of public service that extended from her role as First Lady to her most recent service as executive director of the Guam DD Council, she was a passionate and dedicated leader for our island. Mrs. Ada possessed a caring and generous heart for people with disabilities and their families, and we will always remember her tireless advocacy, on their behalf, to improve services and create greater opportunities as they sought a better quality of life," said Jermaine Alerta, the council's incumbent executive director.

"We extend our prayers and sincerest condolences to Governor Joe Ada, Eric, Tricia, Ester, and the Santos and Ada families. Mrs. Ada was part of Guam’s greatest generation and she will be sorely missed.”



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