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  • By Pacifc Island Times News Staff

Exercise Sea Dragon 2021 to bring business to Guam hotels this month

Regular tourists from Asian countries may not be back soon but Guam hotels anticipate to make business from the military during this month's Exercise Sea Dragon 2021.

"Service members arriving in Guam in support of Sea Dragon 2021 are scheduled to temporarily reside in off-base hotels for the duration of the exercise," according to the Joint Region Marianas.

Exercise Sea Dragon 2021 is an annual multinational exercise with military participants from Australia, Canada, India, Japan and deployed U.S. Navy aircraft squadrons in the vicinity of Guam.

The annual military training typically involves thousands of service members.

"All exercise participants are carefully adhering to a number of Covid-19 mitigation measures to protect Guam's civilian and military communities," JRM said.

JRM said prior to arrival in Guam, all participants are required to enter a 14-day restriction of movement sequester (ROM-S) in their home country in order to insulate and protect themselves from potential infection within their


Prior to exiting ROM-S and at most 72 hours before their travel to

Guam, participants must receive a negative Covid-19 polymerase chain

reaction test result before traveling, JRM said.

Upon arrival, exercise participants will be placed into a Supplemental ROM

status for 14 additional days. This supplemental ROM will only allow

participants to travel to and from their on-base workplace and their

off-base lodging, as well as restricted movements once on base.

Off-base activities are prohibited for all exercise participants to further

prevent the spread of Covid-19. This restriction will be strictly enforced

and is for the health and safety of both the local community as well as the

service members involved in the exercise.

All government of Guam pandemic condition of readiness and executive order guidelines and military public health orders apply and any service member suspected to be in violation will be investigated and held accountable, if


The tourist district of Tumon has become a ghost town since the Covid-19 pandemic set in and brought the visitor industry to a standstill.

Tumon hotels served as quarantine facilities for arriving passengers, sailors from USS Theodore Roosevelt other servicemembers who participated in military exercises last year.

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