Demolition of Yap’s condemned public properties begins despite legislature’s tardy resolution

Colonia, Yap—The Tenth Legislature of the State of Yap issued a resolution on Dec. 7, 2020 directing “the appropriate line agencies and department to secure the renovation or construction of the Yap State Community Center.”

However, the name of the building is the Colonia Community Center, and they’re a little late to the party. The demolition began one week earlier.

The Colonia Peninsula Master Plan that was created during the administration of former governor, Petrus Tun between 1987 and 1995, calls for an industrial site. The idea was to move the legislature, administration and other government offices, as well as the community center, to different locations nearby. To this day, that plan remains on the shelf collecting dust.

Reel forward 30 years to the two administrations that served between 2007 to 2019, quarterly reports filed with the legislature by the Office of Youth Services repeatedly requested that money be allocated to renovate or replace the aging structure. As the years went by and the building’s condition worsened, demolition replaced renovation as the only advisable course of action.

Not needing to wait for the legislature to issue a resolution, Gov. Henry Falan instructed the director of the Department of Youth & Civic Affairs, the state agency that has oversight of the condemned, hazardous property, to take matters in hand and proceed with the demolition. It could no longer be put off.