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Democratic Party of Guam swears in incoming officers

The Democratic Party of Guam this evening hosted a virtual inauguration for its incoming party leaders. On Oct. 22, the Democratic Party of Guam held its party elections for its leadership positions, as well members of the Central Executive Committee, and leadership of the Young Democrats of Guam. In total 1,208 votes were cast, and the results are as follows:

State Party Officers

Chair: Anthony “Tony” Babauta

Vice Chair: Jennifer Louise Dulla

Secretary: Michael D. Weakley

Treasurer: Arlene P. Bordallo

District Representatives of the Central Executive Committee

Agana Heights: Scott Cruz & Josefa “Pep” Pangelinan

Asan: Leslie V. San Nicolas & Celeste S.N. Hernandez

Maina: Peter John Cruz & Eliza “Lisa” Dames

Barrigada: Joseph P. Mafnas & Rikki Rae Orsini

Chalan Pago: Wayne Santos & Ariana Villaverde

Ordot: J’Kin Santos & Candise Aragon

Dededo: Marcus G. Finona & Evangeline Cepeda

Hågat: Gerard “Jerry” Toves & Elaine V. Tajalle

Hagåtña: Antonio “Tony” A. Benavente & Michaelene Arroyo

Humåtak: Carl C. Sanchez & Loraine Aguon

Inalåhan: Joseph R. Meno, Jr. & Angie R. Taitague

Mangilao: Dominic Muna & Ina V. Carillo

Malesso’: Carlos Garrido & Rosie Tainatongo

Mongmong-Toto-Maite: John T. Burch & Natasha Suba

Piti: Ian Taitano & Christina T. Cruz

Sånta Rita-Sumai: Ernie Candoleta & Lillian P. Kosaka

Sinajana: Brandy-Jose Martinez & Marian P. Muna

Talo'fo'fo’: Daniel P. Quinata & Antonette Pitter

Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon: Julian C. Janssen & Angela Camacho

Yigo: Venido “Coy” Torres & Taling M. Taitano

Yona: Ignacio “Ike” Peredo & Nicole B. Nelson

Officers of the Young Democrats of Guam

Chair: Al Edrich Labang

Vice-Chair: Stephanie Lorenzo

Secretary: Matthew Makepeace

Treasurer: Tihu Lujan

National Committeeman: Lawrence Jay Alcairo

National Committeewoman: Whitney A.C. Quinley

Babauta will name individuals to serve on various committees as outlined by the Democratic Party of Guam's charter and bylaws.

“The Democratic Party of Guam is known as the Party of the People, and our party’s success ultimately depends on the countless Democrats who all have a seat at the table and a role to play in ensuring that we keep Democrats in office,” Babauta said.

"The Democratic Party has always been the party of the people, and we are committed to continuing our work to secure a better, brighter, and fairer future for our island," Dulla said.

Labang said "the future of this island is our youth, and I am grateful that the Democratic Party of Guam is committed in making sure that the Youth of Guam are involved in our political process."

Lorenzo said, "ow more than ever is the time for us to unite and reflect on the best way we can move Guam forward. The Young Dems of Guam are ready to collaborate with our party’s counterparts to look at new ways that we bring our party and our island together. I look forward to the term ahead."


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